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Milesight VMS Pro(ONVIF compliant) is one of the most innovative and most powerful video... mehr
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Milesight VMS Pro(ONVIF compliant) is one of the most innovative and most powerful video management software systems on the market and it will fulfill your highest requirements providing easy access to live and recorded video, facility maps and alarms. The user who has the authority can configure all server and cameras settings from a central location. Utilize the left panel navigation tree structure to navigate the server and cameras as well as to access features like search out the online server and cameras automatically, check the information of the server and camera. Use Client/Server architecture, it is a future-proof network video solution for large projects and can manage unlimited network cameras via unlimited working servers in different locations. It’s able to integrate with other cameras over ONVIF.

•  Client/Server architecture, clients can add multiple servers
•  User-friendly UI design
•  Customizable user access levels
•  Support ONVIF
•  Support live view, playback and E-Map functions
•  Support D3D display mode
•  Supprt backup recording files
•  Support dual stream
•  Support 1/2/4/6/8/9/13/16/20/24/30/36/49/64 channels playing synchronously
•  Support H.265/H.264 video compression
•  Support record locally or to network storage
•  Support E-mail Notification
•  Support 4-ch synchronized playback and up to 16-ch asynchronous playback
•  Support alarm or scheduled recording
•  Support integrated motion detection from camera
•  Support multiple monitors 

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